Hollywood's Cahuenga Corridor

Much like Angelenos themselves, the Cahuenga Corridor has a multi-faceted identity. Flanked with festive Mexican restaurants, beer soaked sports bars, dark and cozy date spots, and even your occasional beer garden, Cahuenga Boulevard is a street with many faces. Head to the Corridor when you just can't decide what kind of night you want to have. On Cahuenga, you don't have to choose.

If Hollywood Boulevard is for the tourists, then its sister street, Cahuenga Boulevard, is for the locals. Lined with a variety of excellent places to pop into for a drink or some food, the Cahuenga Corridor really hits that sweet spot in the Hollywood lifestyle. Just a few steps off the madness of the Walk of Fame, night owls will find everything their hearts desire. Boasting a little bit of everything, the Cahuenga Corridor can satisfy even the pickiest and most diverse group of friends.

People looking to indulge in a rowdy yee-haw good time with a little frat flare will find themselves drawn to the Outpost's down-home country bar. If you want that boisterous crowd without feeling peer pressure to dress up in your best cowboy boots, then you will only have to take a few more steps down the street to Big Wangs or District 13 which both have a bevy of beers to choose from and a ton of televisions to mesmerize any sports fan. Situated in between Big Wangs and the Outpost, groups and couples looking for a spot with a more classic Hollywood feel will undoubtedly have to stop in and grab a specialty cocktail at the always swanky St. Felix. If you like your music with a little less beat and a little more soul, then Hotel Cafe is definitely where you need to be. This dark cozy venue is the ultimate place to catch awesome live shows from L.A. musicians. Grab a cocktail, a small table by the tiny stage and you are ready to have yourself the best kind of Los Angeles show. Of course, you can also venture out into the more cultural aspects of the corridor by visiting a cool, hip art gallery like Park Studios, or you can get into the groove at the Piano Bar.

Whether it's classic Hollywood, down and dirty fun or even some Mexican flavor that you are seeking, the Cahuenga Corridor has it all. And, what's even better is that this cluster of amazing venues is all grouped so close together. This means that you can experience all different versions of Hollywood, without walking more than two blocks. - Darianne Dobbie

Interesting Facts

The Cahuenga Corridor is always changing and adapting to the new trends in the area. Just this year the street found itself with Hollywood's very own beer garden. Make sure you visit this street often, as you never know what exactly will be popping up this week.


Since there are so many different kinds of places to hit up on Cahuenga Boulevard, try dressing in a versatile way. Don't go too dressed up or too dressed down. Strive for somewhere in the middle, that way you will feel comfortable in any environment on this strip.


Elevate Lounge
811 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles

Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles is one of the best clubs I've ever been to. The view from the 21st floor is great, as it reaches over downtown L.A. Well spaced and still cozy, the atmosphere is lively but not too loud. Purple lighting that fills the club helps with Elevate's well earned style. The custom Absolut LA drink served there with lemon is one of the best had. Ever! 5 stars!

By Alucard512

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